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Athenaromas Pets

Candle therapy for your pets


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Fur Babies

Finally something just for you!! Our blend of oils are made to keep you feeling calm and safe, no more separation anxiety as long as you have the Athenaromas candle or diffuser. This will make time away from your family easier on both of you.

I'm a pet mom too!

Love Paulina


Simply burn the candle when you are home with your pet. This soft scent will linger, your pet will associate the scent with you being there. When you leave your pet at home or anywhere the diffuser takes over.

The blend of chamomile, sweet orange and lavender are lovely and a favorite among those wet noses that capture scent particles like a superpower!

**Our pet products are veterinary approved and recommended!


We are excited to announce that the official launch of Athenaromas Pets will be at the 2019 Emmys gifting suites!! Items will be available in time for you to gift your favorite pets for Christmas!

**If you would like to give your pet the gift of calm this Christmas we are taking pre-orders now. Leave your email and you will be contacted shortly.**